There are only just a few passengers on that train.

I am a shy boy.

On this tree, there is an apple on every branch.

We went by the shop without noticing it.


We put the desk by that window.

We'd better humor Donna.

Yeah, show us your t... ranslations...

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Geoffrey sharpened the pencils.

What made Alberto angry wasn't what you said, but the way you said it.

Do you remember talking to me?

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They were chatting on the campus.

She hit me on the head and she ran away.

He studied hard in his youth, and it contributed to his success in later years.

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We talked about many things.

When we started out in 2009, I was convinced that our store would become one of the best in the city.

In the first place, I would like to announce several new regulations.

Even Sorrel looked happy.

Let's sit here on a bench.

The general cut a distinguished figure in his dress uniform.

I've done everything you asked me to.

How many YouTube accounts are there in the world to date?

I like being on the team.

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Catch a signal.

Merton doesn't have to convince me of that.

I want to look good naked.

Jordan dropped in on Vinod last night.

He is six feet in height.

What do they want to talk about?

Bea might pull through.


Izzy wiped her hands on her apron.


Emily didn't do anything for a while.


They talked over a cup of coffee.

I want Billie to understand what has to be done.

Whatever you do, don't tell Irving about what we did.

Ben put his hands in his pockets.

The construction of the building will be started next year.

A loud noise made him jump.

Cristopher now uses Windows 8.1.


He is different from the people around him.

How long are you going to be seeing that loser of a boyfriend?

I won't cry anymore.

I sliced the sandwich diagonally.

I'm flying to Germany.

The evidence convinced us of his innocence.

Have you been seeing a shrink?


Earle is all done.


Without her glasses she was as good as blind.

You wouldn't look so shagged out unless you were doing something naughty.

This is our home.

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Maybe I'm losing my mind.


I would do anything but that.

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I felt safer.

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I will read a book when I have finished this task.

This tea is very hot.

I'm filling in for her.

We need your help now.

I'm the one who introduced Nanda to Sandip.


The governor decided to provide assistance for the victims.


I saw him a while back.

Soldiers bear arms.

Miles fell madly in love with his childhood friend, Kim.

I need to sleep now.

We believe that it was Mann that killed Kerry.


I'll pretend I didn't hear that.


We're all deeply shocked.

He came here all the way from London.

Do you believe there are ghosts?

Here, this one's yours.

Do you remember that night?

She is on the cutting edge.

How could you tell Oleg wasn't having fun?

We were all watching her.

He got quite well.

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Maybe he's not young.

This scene delights me.

No weapons were found.

Wait, Sangho, it's too dangerous!

The operation of this machine is too difficult for me.

We've come to an arrangement.

Hotta has just come back from vacation.

They took a walk on the beach.

I ignored it.

We have no choice.

English is spoken in many countries around the world.

I bit my lip.

The worm bends.

This house is made of stone.

Is Dana taller than Joon?

My brother must have written this letter.

I didn't expect to run into you in a place like this.

One mistake will cost a person his life.

Taurus did a lot of great things.

Ravi is having a birthday bash this weekend.

Stewart was amazed at how precisely Kriton sensed how she was feeling.

Leith plays quarterback on our high school's football team.

Can you tell me what is happening?

He did all he could to rescue her.

I just spent the morning with Soohong.

A day has twenty-four hours.

Mahesh won't be able to get to the airport on time.

She woke to find herself in the hospital.

I have not eaten.


You must take the medicine!

I thought you might want to see Swamy right away.

She is studying fine art at school.


I'd be lying if I said I had never smoked before.

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Dr. Jemison has practiced medicine as a volunteer in a Cambodian refugee camp and as a medical officer with the Peace Corps in West Africa.


That would've been simple.

Is Julianto really the manager?

Jesus is quite a bit taller than Conrad.

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How much is your rent?

Will you please arrange for me to meet Mr Doi?

Unfortunately she already has a steady boyfriend.

They talked over a cup of coffee.

The two sisters became more and more famous.


I thought you'd decided against it.

We need to tell her about this.

I couldn't see Vidhyanath's face.

Someone should do something about this.

Many of the turtle eggs left on beaches make for easy prey.

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Hello, ma'am.


There are about 1.9 million millionaires in Japan.

Despite the terror warnings, I am not the slightest bit afraid of walking through crowded places.

Ramadoss plans to go on a vacation next week.

Jun may not make it in time for the meeting.

She put me in a delicate situation.

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How can this be done?

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It's the big one.


Olson seems to be seasick.

How come you say nothing?

Please come with me.


How complicated can it be?


Philip lost his hearing.

Theory and practice do not always go together.

We'll never know what really happened to Saumya.

What was Brandi's secret?

There is no telling when we will fall ill.

That's just what you needed.

Up to my ears in debt.


He told me about it.

Hiroyuki can speak neither French nor English.

Can I count on you both to be there?

Tapirs are odd-toed ungulates.

I have a rendezvous with my uncle tomorrow.


I showed Ro who's boss.

I'd be very surprised if Roberta isn't at the party tonight.

She has two children.


She forgave him.


You should go help Becky.

How many passengers can this plane hold?

You'll see her.

How many schools are there in your city?

Bob was on the point of leaving when I called him.


There is one possibility.

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Did they say who was responsible?

Don't be crude.

We should read the newspaper so as not to lag behind the times.


This robot can hold an egg without breaking it.

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You can't force yourself to forget something.