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Setting Up Spektrum Satellite With SPRacing F3 Evo

Personally I use Linux and to get the cleanflight software to work there are a few things that you need to do the first is that you should add yourself to the dialout group you can do this by entering the command bellow and changing the username tag to your user.

sudo adduser <username> dialout

Next to be able to run firmware updates on using cleanflight you will need to add a few more lines to allow it to flash them you need to add, I am using Debian but I believe the command also works on Ubuntu and by that thought it will probably work on any Ubuntu based or Debian based distribution.

(echo '# DFU (Internal bootloader for STM32 MCUs)' echo 'SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0483", ATTRS{idProduct}=="df11", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev"') | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/45-stdfu-permissions.rules > /dev/null

Now you will also need to add your user to another group to make sure your changes are accessible, you

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I recently decided to stop my case mod build in an old IBM case, I couldn't really get it to look how I wanted. The problem is in my head I have a really clear vision of what I want but my hands can't really get that out, which is also why I don't really write by hand because I have difficulty forming the letters in any legible way.

I went out and bought a case after a lot of research looking for something that no only looked good but also would fit my 480mm water cooling radiator in properly as it was a hack to get it in my old NZXT Phantom and it blocked off the two slots so heat just gathered there in the case.

I ended up with a Thermaltake core P5 which looked awesome I also decided to go with hardline tubing just to get that super clean look. Once my water cooling part arrived I started to take my case apart draining the current loop once I have clean everything up a day later


Adjusting YouTube Channels

While working on some videos for one of my youtube channels I got quite annoyed that I had so many different channels I did delete one but the channel that has all my main videos on has 180 subscribers, that might not seem like a lot but it took me over a year to accumulate them, I wanted to move them over to my main account channel and make things more personal. Youtube doesn't let you do that so I left it for a while forgetting the whole idea.

When I was going back through some of my old videos I found how much my channel has changed and the brand I created to run it under didn't really fit anymore. I have literally just finished making all the videos on my aperture digital channel private apart from the one where I explain what is happening to the channel and where the videos are moving to as people are still subscribing from old videos.

I did take a look at the analytics for those videos and none of the subscribers

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Oh Microsoft Windows Stop Taking Over My Boot

I have been stuck on some old version of windows 10 for a while now for some reason the windows update application doesn't see any new updates. I knew that the anniversary update was out but couldn't get my computer to even know it existed. I finally had some spare time to check out what was going on and found the updater assistant and that actually worked to a point it would recognise my machine was massively out of data and download the updates then when it restarted it would just boot back into windows again like normal I tried it at least three times and the same thing happened.

Frustrated I left it for a while and went to do something else, I came back with a theory but it's just a pain to do it. The problem is I have a dual boot system with both windows 10 obviously and then linux (Debian for those interested which version) so I was using grub, what I did was go into my bios and change my windows SSD to be

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Bootgrid Server Side Class - Python

I was recently adding functionality to one of my projects using a premade theme and it used bootgrid. If you don't know what boot grid is then it is very similar to datatables where it takes tabular information and displays in in pages with sorting and searching.

One of my tables was getting quite a lot of information and would take a while to load using the basic way of passing it a JSON string. I found out that server side processing was available so decided to make a class so all my tabular data could make use of the same code. What I did was split up all the functions into class methods so there was one for sorting and one for searching then I added some for more complex tasks like pagination so the query only gets limited results making it more efficient.

I had to then test is and it did work well as a base I initially made it using the peewee database engine but then changed my project over for sqlalchemey for it's advanced migration